Thursday, March 08, 2012

This Week

This was a stunner of a week. Started off with Mads getting a high temp on Sunday night. Then I pushed my way into an already overbooked doctor and MADE her see Mads - because if there is one thing I learned early -- Mads doesn't mess around when she gets sick. And I'm glad I did -- she tested positive for strep, influenzaB and had a blazing ear infection (all at the same time). Tuesday evening our helper fell ill and Wednesday a.m. Hubby flew off to the Philippines.

The most interesting part of this whole thing was that Mads was actually vaccinated against influenzaB in the fall and Chase wasn't. And Mads caught exactly the same strain she was vaccinated against. But here's the good part - her body already knew how to fight it, because everyone around here who has it, has it for a week (temp goes up and down like crazy) -- and Madoc's temperature went away within 12 hours of starting antibiotics (which means that her fever was the strep and ear infection, not influenza). I have always believed that the flu vaccine was not a good idea, but decided to do it this year because of Madoc's lungs and I am actually really happy I did. Because I think it saved her, in the end, from what could have gone from bad to worse.

And I'll never forget how she turned to me before bed the night after we got back from the doctor and she said in her little voice, "thank you for taking care of me, Mama."

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