Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Toddler Lounge Singer

Chase has developed a somewhat raspy voice over the past two days. Not sure how she got it - she hasn't had a runny nose, a fever, or has acted out-of-sorts. It's almost as though she needs to clear her throat but doesn't know how.

When she sings "baa baa black sheep," in her little, raspy voice, I can't help but imagine her as a toddler lounge singer. Too bad it isn't Halloween, that would make for a great costume.

But seriously, fingers crossed it clears up in the next day or so, or we may need to visit el pediatrician-o.

Have Passport - Must Travel

As I sit down to plan our trip to London and Scotland, I find myself feeling a bit rusty.

So: Where to go? London definitely - all our favorite places. Scotland certainly. Haven't been there yet. Must go. Quite interested in Haidrian's Wall, Edinburgh and Loch Ness. All is doable, but it's going to be a real "Go Dogs, Go" kinda trip. And I wonder how to schedule activities (a much larger, heavier Chase will be in tow) and what to pack (last time I forgot socks).