Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Building Plans Nixed

Our plans for the house have been nixed, thanks to Dave, our friendly, neighborhood contractor - and multiple issues with our house and Denver zoning rules and restrictions.

This morning we were talking about adding big dormers, a bathroom upstairs, a huge master bed suite. Tonight, we're talking a kitchen remodel - and adding another bathroom under the hall stairs. The revised plan will still add value to the house, but it won't double the value of our home, as we had intended to do with the upstairs remodel.

All things happen for a reason. I guess the upstairs remodel wasn't meant to be.


So the woman in the billing dept of my doctor's office called me today. She called me "hon" and "sweetie," throughout our conversation, which went something like this...

"Hi, yes, I called yesterday and I think I spoke to you about a double-billing issue."

"Sweetie, I speak to so many people each day."

"Well, my insurance company indicated I owe you X amount - and I'd like to pay it."

"OK hon, are you sure you don't want to resubmit and see if they pay? We should at least see if the payment they made comes through." (Interesting how her memory is coming back now)

Me, wanting to hang up the phone on her - "No, I'd just like to pay you what I owe."

"OK sweetie."

"I'll put it in the mail." - Me.

"OK hun."