Thursday, July 01, 2010


Chase skipped for the first time in dance class last week. She also swam, without a float, for the first time yesterday. Really amazing!!! She has taught herself how to swim (mostly because she fights Brian and I when we try to teach her anything), because she has so many friends who already know how - and now that we have access to a pool, there is really no reason she should not be out there every day. Well, one reason is the bugs, but we went this morning and it seemed virtually bug free.

I gave Madoc her first hair cut yesterday. She had grown a nice little mullet. Business in the front, party in the back.

We recently went to Shenzen, China, in an effort to buy some inexpensive furniture for our house. The trip was a bust. Shenzen, while much improved from a decade ago (the sky was actually a brilliant blue), is still the Tijuana of China. Filled with loads of Gucci this and Gucci that. The thing that made the trip fabulous, was our stay at the Intercontinental. It had a massive pool, complete with a white sand beach and giant ship for the kids to explore. Really over the top. A fabulous Brazilian dinner. Brazilian music, to which the girls danced until 9 pm, before falling fast asleep.

Other then that, I have finally figured out schools (well, sort of). Chase is back to morning programs next week, which should be better for us, before she switches back to afternoons in September. Things just seem to be falling into place (finally). I have also had a realization that I need to get over my obsessive nature with my children (not easy to do) and let Madoc attend some classes with Jojo, otherwise she will never get to do anything. With me driving here, there and everywhere for Chase, Mads has become the "come along" child, and while she gets to play and watch her sister do activities, she is quickly becoming old enough to do classes. For example, I have scheduled piano and Mandarin lessons for Chase, beginning next week. Mads starts soccer the following week (the only time she can do it conflicts with Chase's school, so I will drop Mads and Jojo at soccer, zip over to drop off Chase and then zip back to catch the end of soccer). She is too young for Mandarin lessons here. Still trying to find golf and tennis for Chase. Mandarin pottery, which sounded great, really wasn't.

And finally, I have decided to switch on my exercise program - actually exercise - for the first time in four years. Did yoga on day one. Went for a run on day two. Day three and four, I counted carrying Madoc and her bag through China non-stop as part of the program. Should run today.

Also worth mentioning that Chase is all about princesses and barbies right now. Madoc is all about climbing up things and drawing on things she shouldn't. Good times!