Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Chase is now reading and writing with relative ease. She does get stumped on words of course, but she powers through in most cases and seems to retain the correction days/weeks later.

I had my second parent/teacher conference yesterday and the only thing she isn't "exceeding expectations" on is throwing a ball. Because she throws it up, instead of forward. Her teacher told me she thinks she will be bored in Primary 1, which she begins in the fall. She also told me she could probably test into Primary 2, but that the down side of being youngest in the class may not be worth it - and I agree. From what I've seen with Madoc (born Dec, so youngest in class), I would say it's definitely worth arranging things so that your child is as strong a player as possible in his/her class.

I am so proud of her - she's accomplished so much. Her attitude toward learning is sunny, bright and she is highly motivated. And now she's off to the big school. And so I arranged a meeting with the guy in charge to talk about the syllabus and mandarin. Turns out she can already do what most kids achieve by the end of P1 and will probably be way ahead by September. Mandarin is worrisome because it is only 20 min a day and very basic, but I may have come up with a solution that doesn't rock the boat too much.

All in all I think her education will be decent, but I will have to come up with ways to supplement it outside of school (shocker).

Seat belt

Madoc's sense of humor keeps me rolling. This morning (I was on the toilet), she pulled out a long line(?) of toilet paper and gently set it across my lap. Then she took a step back, looked at me, smiled and said "seat belt."