Saturday, March 31, 2007

Chase Update

At the ripe old age of one, Chase can say "duck," "mama," "dada," "xie xie," "nana," "baba" and "nei nei." Four words in English; three words in Chinese (although it is completely possible that she is fluent in Chinese and I just don't understand her).

She also understands "hello," "goodbye," "ni hao," "zaijin," "fish," "hat," "milk," "kiwi," "papaya," "mu gua" - along with a handful of other words. It is amazing to see her connect words to objects. She can even tell me when her diaper is wet. Clever girl.

We have been singing "Patty Cake" for quite some time. Almost every day she will use hand gestures I use within the song - on her own. When I look down at her and say "mark it with a Ch," she smiles back as if to say, "yes, that is exactly what I was thinking."

She loves reading, although she still "grunts." I'm sure she is just concentrating. It will be interesting to see if this is just a phase or if I will be approached by a school teacher - I can see it now, "ahem, did you know your daughter grunts while she reads?"

Chase loves to compare things. She has two xylophones (one metal, one wood), which she loves. She also has two ring games (one plastic, one wood), which she loves.

She still adores music. We bought her an electronic keyboard for her first birthday. She dances to the music, plays the piano, explores the different accompaniments. It's a brilliant toy. Nana Cris brought out a 'build your own horn' which Chase really loves - she's just learned how to use it. She has also figured out how to play a harmonica - she still needs practice, but she can get a good note out every now and then.

She still loves fruit and yogurt - and Chinese food. She is good at trying new things - last night she enjoyed a taste of duck and pasta with cuttlefish ink.

Perhaps it is because she is worshipped like a little goddess here, but I can say without a doubt that she is very social and extremely extroverted. She loves interacting with new people. She is starting to learn what it takes to get attention (loud fake laughter seems to do the trick).

Chase has learned to drink milk from a straw, so now we only use bottles close to bedtime. Hurrah. Learning to drink from a cup is next ... wish me luck.

She is really movin' now. Chase has a little plastic fisher price walker that she just started using. She can stand without support for short periods of time.

All in all, she is simply amazing.