Sunday, January 06, 2008

Growing So Fast

Chase continues to amaze and surprise us. She loves art, painting, drawing, and glitter G-L-U-E. She enjoys, but gets frustrated by, puzzles. She loves her nesting boxes, and will spend about a half hour nesting and un-nesting them.

She can't seem to get enough stickers, so you can imagine my joy when I came across books that come with magnets - they're awesome.

Dog Park

So we have been taking Taggart to the dog park. Every day. For the past four days. And I have to say I have noticed a major difference in him. He is no longer the hyper, needy, second-toddler in the house. No. He's now the mellow (exhausted) pooch who lounges about while we go about our business.

It's a beautiful thing.

Methinks We Are All Getting Sick