Thursday, April 22, 2010

Our New House

Today we went out to our new house and took measurements - still have to buy beds (for all) as well as a fridge and washer/dryer before we move in.

Good news: 1) We got the cars, 2) we sold our car in Denver, 3) we found a helper.

Bad news: We had to reduce the price on our house in Denver AGAIN. We are hoping to get under contract by the end of the month, before the tax credit deadline. People are so darn picky though - they really like living in the basement in Denver, and ours isn't really livable, or we don't have a place for the parents, or the third bedroom upstairs is too small, or they don't "get" the home office, or it isn't modern enough (c'mon people, the house was built in 1913, if you want modern, why are you looking at an old house?) - very frustrating!

Everyday Lessons

Today Chase learned not to stand under a building in Hong Kong with your mouth open trying to catch the "rain."