Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Christmas Is Coming: Marzipan

So today's Christmas activity was supposed to be marzipan. I love the stuff. But the marzipan I bought was strangely hard, maybe because it has been in the fridge for a couple days? Anyway, it will have to wait until tomorrow.

But I do have a Marzipan story instead. I was at the grocery store, ran into a gal that I met at the park (we exchanged numbers and then lost them - I found her number yesterday and gave her a call about a month after I met her - and scheduled a play date for next week). Anyhoo.... I ran into her at the store and we were chatting. She asked me what I was picking up, and I said "food color, so we can do Marzipan tonight." And she responded, "oh, do you celebrate both holidays?"

And I wasn't really sure what to say. Don't get me wrong, I knew what the answer was. Time seemed to slow down as I tried to recall if anyone had ever told me marzipan was part of a Jewish traditions. I don't know, I'm not Jewish. Or was she just making conversation?

I concluded it was best to say, "oh, we celebrate Christmas." I hope my silent pondering about the history of marzipan didn't offend her in any way.

New Wallet

I think it's time for a new wallet.

And no, it's not because I spilled soup all over it last night (I was multitasking). And no, it's not that I left it on the roof of my car and drove away, only to see it (in my rear-view mirror ) fly off and get run over four times - by a minivan and three cars (good thing I was able to make a U-turn and pick it up before the school bus ground it right into the pavement).

I need a new wallet that is Chase-proof. Apparently, my wallet can withstand heat, pressure, but it just doesn't stand up to the curiosity of a toddler.

Chase loves to take everything out. As a result, I never know where anything is (I can hear my husband's voice at this point saying, "sure, blame that on Chase.")

But now what to look for? A zipper maybe? No, she's good at zippers. What about a snap. Nope, snaps are too easy to undo. Maybe I need a wallet that uses super-glue as the adhesive.

Yes, that sounds like a great idea.