Wednesday, August 01, 2012


The Balinese have a traditional herbal (medicinal) drink called Jamu.  It's supposed to slim the waist, make women more voluptuous, smell less, be good for your stomach, and basically cure every ailment.

So I asked the Bali Intercontinental for their recipe, which they gave me (thank you!).  But I was determined to get a real Jamu recipe off the Internet.  Not so easy.  Most involve plants and herbs that I can't get -- like Chinese Keys (which are supposed to be used for Chinese medicine) and Betel leaves -- the guys at the Chinese medicine shop even gave me a crazy look when I tried to explain what I needed.  I showed them pictures and they were still scratching their heads.

So I gave the Intercontinental recipe a go... following is a slightly modified version for family and friends (so that I don't get in trouble).  I haven't actually used the measurements exactly, so start with one cup of OJ and add in a little of each to give you a general idea of how it will taste and then give it a real go and adjust according to your personal taste.  It's glorious and makes you smile.  Best after a long meditation first thing in the morning.

1 ltr Orange Juice
10 gr Cinnamon Powder
8 gr Clove Powder
5 ml/ 2 dessert spoon Lime Juice
10 ml/ 2-3 dessert spoon Honey
8 gr/ 8 pcs Mint Leaves
18 gr Fresh Ginger or Galganal
Pinch of Tumeric
Blend all of the above ingredients and then strain.
Ready to drink.