Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Getting My Groove Back

So Chase picked a topic for this week - "let's study Chinese people" - and yes, hey!, we can do that! Castles were not very inspiring, but we have been up to our eyebrows in crafts this week. Pics and stories to come.

So Proud

There is something about having your children actually cheer for each other that is so, unbelievably beautiful.

Yesterday, Chase cheered-on Madoc during soccer. Today, Madsy was shouting at the top of her little lungs, "go Chasey-boo" during gymnastics.

I want to bottle it up. Stick it on a shelf. And come back to it years from now when they are slamming doors in my face (oh please girls, if you are reading this years from now, don't ever do that).

Jumping back in...

After being a full time mom, I am starting to evaluate different options. I have one year until Mads is in morning kindie. So it's time I start planning for the future (as if I can even do that with no idea where I'll be in a year). At this point I have started thinking more and more about re-entering the world of social media (could there be a better job for me?), as well as pursuing my Masters (hurrah!) - which means that maybe, someday, I could actually be a professor.