Sunday, April 08, 2012

Easter 2012

Chase lost her front tooth yesterday. And the tooth fairy FORGOT to put money in the pocket - but took the tooth! She was so distraught, until Hubs took a closer look and found the money in the pocket - and then handed it back to show her that in fact, the tooth fairy had come and left money. Even though the pocket is really small. Somehow it made sense that she had not seen it already. I love love love age 6. Or should I say, I love Chase at age 6. I'm pretty convinced she is the most sheltered child I know ... but I love that she thinks people dress up for birthday parties (including Hub's), that people dress up for Easter (and wear rabbit ears ... and why not?) - okay, so I'm not helping wearing rabbit ears around the house.

Chase is so beautiful and still so incredibly innocent. At times I believe she is more innocent than Mads.

Both girls made their way downstairs to find eggs hidden in the dining room. Easter baskets hidden in the dining room. Playing games and then off to our neighbor's house for a BBQ.

I wish I could have pulled together a family dinner. I should be able to, but somehow I am so tired (maybe because Mads has been waking up at night again ever since I put her back on dairy even tho the allergy tests say she isn't allergic?)

Loving my girls!

But I do have to add here, that Madoc is going through a crazy whiny time in her life. I seem to recall Chase went through the same thing. Madoc, I love you! Please stop... it hurts my head!