Thursday, March 08, 2012


Chase has been taking 20 minutes of Mandarin a day at school (not a very good program, I might add), and 3 hours of Mandarin outside of school per week. She is in two foundation courses and one that is more difficult, for kids 1-2 years older, where they work on writing characters.

I pushed hard for Chase to get into that class, only because I really wanted her to be exposed to "what's next." I was up front with the teacher that I didn't care if she actually did well, as long as she was happy and engaged and didn't show signs of frustration or giving up.

The teacher reported back last week that she (and the other Mandarin teachers) have been incredibly impressed by Chase's progress in the class. And that "they just can't seem to find her limit." She continues to remain positive, with a gorgeous can-do spirit and is climbing her way up in the class quickly. She is apparently actively participating in class.

You go, girl!

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