Sunday, November 11, 2007

Where, Exactly, Did The "No" Occur?

Chase rarely tests me (thank goodness) and is always a little angel (thank goodness x 2). But there have been moments where she has done something wrong and I have had to tell her "no."

My little cherub takes the "no" very seriously. And she'll go back to the place, where the "no" occurred and say "no" over and over again, pointing to whatever it was she did as if to underscore that she realizes that she did something wrong and won't do it again.

Clever Girl

So Hubs and I were talking to each other while Chase was falling asleep last night. We talked about a lot of things. Chase was totally quiet, eyes closed, between us. Our conversation turned to how much it was going to cost to take care of our animals - $45/day. And just as the word "dollar" left my lips, our darling daughter sleepily mumbled, "mee mee."

And this morning, when I told her Yei Yei had flown to Portland, she said "Yei Yei," did her sign for airplane and then said "Oh-Oh-Oh," which is how she says Oregon.

Super Huge Thanks

Thanks Dad! We so appreciate you making the trip to Denver. We really enjoyed your visit. I feel SO much better about this house now.

When Chase woke up this morning, she asked about you. Yei Yei? Yei Yei? I told her you took a plane home and she seemed to get it.

Also a very special thank you to Fern, for the oh-so-fabulous bathtub crayon and toys. Bath time has never been so fun. It's all I can do get her out of the bath tub now. Chase gave me a look last time she was in the tub, as if to say, "so this is what bath time is all about. You've been holding out on me mom."

We look forward to seeing you over Christmas and having you both out to snowboard this Winter.