Thursday, August 28, 2008

New Shoes

Chase's FAVORITE shoes of 2008 have been her Dora slip-on (crock-like) shoes.

Hold on to something. Or sit down.

Today she picked out a new pair of shoes. Little girl kicks (sneakers). Pink and white. No silly characters on them. Just a couple of sparkles and small silver flowers.

But I checked her feet just about an hour ago and they were already getting red (where the shoes were rubbing). So we slipped on some socks, in hopes of stopping any blisters. Fingers crossed when I take her shoes off tonight for her bath I don't find them red and swollen.

If I have to put her back in the Dora shoes, I'm not sure I'll ever get them off again.

Another Friend

There is a little girl up the street, who Chase loves almost as much as she loves Chase. So I decided to ask her if she would come and read to Chase once a week. So starting next Thursday, I'm planning to hold a tea party for them. They can munch on little scones, drink tea and read books.

The little girl up the street has three brothers, so I think it will be a welcome break to do "girlie" things with Chase.

Make Believe

Chase's ability to self-entertain grows daily. The content and complexity of the conversations her Einsteins have with each other is amazing.

The Einsteins started off speaking in Mandarin to each other - they would say "Ni Hao"to each other. When they started speaking English, they said only basic pleasantries - "please," or "thank you" to each other. But recently I overheard them having complete conversations with each other.

Tonight, for example, they are talking about having "boo boos" on their knees (while the other is saying "your knee is okay"- and then the conversation evolves to one asking the other if she is wearing underwear, training pants or a diaper.

And now, she is putting all of them to bed and singing little songs to them.

So sweet.