Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Conversation With Mom

I was chatting with my mom today and she said, "I probably should have taken up my father's offer to make me the first woman oral surgeon in Washington DC."

To which I said, "but you bought the monkey instead?"

Not Kidding

So today Chase sat down at the top of the stairs and we had this conversation.

C: I'm sitting down.
Me: Why?
C: Because I want to talk.
Me: Okay
C: So how are you doing?

I'm not making this up; I promise.
It was one of the craziest mom moments to date.

New Bed For Chase

It's official - we're set to move Chase into her new, big girl, room. The only problem? Too much time passed between asking her if she wanted to move and actually moving, so now she doesn't want to move. So unless we can talk her into it, she'll be staying in her little room.