Monday, August 18, 2008

Kitchen Remodel Pictures

So when we bought this house we knew the kitchen needed a face-lift if we were ever going to resell it. I did not take a picture of our old kitchen because I disliked it so.

Picture white-painted cabinets, a mustard counter, mustard backs plash, a very funky plaster "blue sky" and grubby white plastic tile floor that showed everything that ever touched it.

This, combined with a very weird downstairs entry (back left on second picture) made the kitchen even more confusing, as it was covered over and left like a giant, unusable shelf. We decided that instead of opening it up, we could keep it covered, but insert cabinets above it and panel the wall below it, so that a person coming in would not even suspect a stairwell was beneath it.

Note the blue plaster "sky" - oh lovely... It was in the main kitchen too, before we put beadboard over it.

Yei Yei managed to take a little time away from the kitchen to enjoy Chase...

And Nee Nee spent countless hours reading and playing with Chase...

And Yei Yei helped us install our new light fixtures (just one of his many talents)...

And Hubs worked until he was too tired to stand...

And Nee Nee helped us paint over the yellow and rust colored walls...

And then the cabinets arrived...

Butterfly Dreams

Me: What did you dream about last night?
Chase: Butterflies
Me: Oh? What color were they?
Chase: Red
Me: How many were there?
Chase: Two
Me: Were they big or small?
Chase: Small
Me: So what did you dream about?
Chase: Two red, small, butterflies

Remodel Tip

Couple things we've learned...

1) Some things on are less expensive than they are at Home Depot

2) You can live with just a BBQ and a garden hose (it's hard, but it's possible)

3) You can remodel with a toddler in the house - and they can sleep through anything if they are exhausted enough.