Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Interview #2

After the interview, I asked Chase what they did. She said, "They read a Kipper book and asked us lots and lots and lots of questions."

And then she said they asked her to draw a picture of her family.

I said, "What was mommy wearing?" Chase said, "nothing." I would be worried, but I have never seen Chase actually draw a nude before - but hey, there's a first time for everything. And what better time to break that out, then a school interview?

As for the parents, we were left alone to pick over already picked-over biscuits and make ourselves a cup of tea or instant coffee with no one to talk to (except each other) and a woman who was part of the administration. Lucky for me I had a good friend there. There was no one we could ask "official" questions to, and no one to show us the school. We couldn't even leave the room because school was in session. Now I understand and appreciate the need for parents to stay-put, but I really have a hard time when someone tells me I can't leave a room. It's like my very being wants to RUN from the room, screaming, "you can't make me stay!" But I held back, for Chase's sake. (I think I'd be singing another song if we were actually interviewing for a spot, rather than INTERVIEWING FOR THE WAIT LIST - like if another kid decides not to go to our amazing school then maybe your child will get a call).

So I asked the woman (the guard) if anyone could show my husband the Primary 1 classroom before we left. She said, "you can arrange for a tour in May." I said (knowing the answer full well), "When do you notify parents if their kids are accepted?" She said, "February 8th."

Because that makes sense. NOT.