Monday, March 05, 2012


Last weekend, Chase performed in the ballet, Coppelia. The performance was put on by her ballet school, so it included children from age 4 thru secondary school (I think that's age 18). It was absolutely amazing how many little people were in the performance, and how coordinated they all were. Chase was a little dutch girl - so adorable!

Here she is, make-up on, on the road to the auditorium. So grown-up!

Little Madoc. Getting a cat nap in before the show.
Poor little monkey had been exhausted all week.

A good luck hug ...

And kiss ...

And then she was off to get dressed ...

And after an hour of watching other kids perform, we finally saw her dance!

And then the show was over. Again, I have to say it was absolutely amazing how well choreographed the show was ... there were so many little kids!

Such a proud mommy! And a delighted little sister.

And then, after the curtain closed, we waited along with all the other parents, to collect our ballerina.

She was all smiles.

What a lovely way to spend an afternoon.

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