Thursday, September 02, 2010

School In Session

I know I need to post more photos. I know I need to take more photos. The problem is I only have two hands. And way too much is going on.

So Chase started her new school, which she really likes. Unfortunately, she is being hit (again) by another child. Two days in a row. I called the head of school and had a chat with her about it this afternoon. Chase wants to be friends; the little boy doesn't. It makes me so m/sad that she seems to attract, or rather not avoid, children with communication issues. The head of school assured me she would handle it tomorrow. I told Chase that if someone doesn't want to be her friend it is too bad for them - they would be lucky to be her friend. And I reminded her of all of her good friends, and everyone she knows, and how she should always be kind to people, even if they do not want to be friends.

The good news is she likes her school overall. She is really calm, collected and focused when she returns home, rather than crazy and wild, like she was after her last school. She rides the school bus home, which is a big step for her in her big girl world, and something she is really enjoying. I never thought I would ever do it, but she seems so happy to take the bus with the other kids. She said, "Mom, I want to take the bus to school so that I can sit next to my friends." I told her no. I am driving her to school. I put her on the bus from school because I am now shuttling Mads around as well to various play dates and classes, and having Chase have a scheduled ride home (15 mins) is a huge help.

Chase never ceases to amaze me - she drew a "puzzle" for me tonight (I just gave her a pen and paper and asked her to draw) which took my breath away. She took two words and mixed them up. And then she told me I had to unscramble the words. And she is 4-years-old. What 4-year-old does this?

Madoc is now attending two organized playgroups, which feed into kindergarten next year. They are fabulous and amazing. She is loving them. They are all mom-tot programs and are just wonderful. Both focus on learning through play. I wish Chase had had an opportunity to attend them when she was young.

Madoc's first stop is ALWAYS the baby doll section. She then decides which baby doll she is going to carry (and which accessories she needs) with her for the rest of the day. From there, she usually heads to whatever water station is available. This past week, one school had a big water tray with various plastic water creatures and fish nets and the kids "fished" them out. The other school had bunch of plastic water creatures that you could pull out of a water tub and stick them to a plexiglass wall. She ADORES these water activities. From there, we go to painting. Patterns, brushes, you name it. If she can paint it, she will. And then there's the glue station, where the kids get to brush on glue and stick things to it (she doesn't really get this concept yet - I can tell she is wondering why you would use white paint on white paper, and what is mommy doing with the cut pieces of paper and glitter - and why are they sticking to the paper). And then, it's off to something physical - plastic cars, slides, climbers, you name it. And then it's snack time. And then it's music/song/story time, which she isn't so great at sitting still for, but boy does she love to dance and jump. She is soooo sweet.

And now I am finding myself having to apply for Primary 1 for Chase - and K1 for Mads, for Fall 2011. And they are like college applications. Oh my word. I have a large list of supporting documents I am supposed to submit with each application, and then there are interviews and in some cases, placement tests.

And if that isn't enough - Chase broke out in hives on Wednesday. I took her to the doctor, who told me she could be allergic to anything... even the air! She has had minor break outs in the past, but this one has now been with us for 36 hours, far longer than any before. Maybe I should look into getting her allergy tested?