Thursday, June 05, 2008

Mama Needs Toes

For the past month, every time we wake up in the morning Chase starts talking - immediately.

The joy of having language, of actually being understood is far to exciting; she can't keep it to herself. And so, from the minute she awakes, we get to hear everything that we need to do, in her little directive voice.

1) "Mama needs toes" - actually means "Mom, put on clothes."
2) "Dada needs toes" - same thing for Dad, even though he's in bed.

She says these things over and over, pointing to our closets as if to underscore the importance and urgency. What are we waiting for, anyway? We've got a new day ahead of us!

Then it's "Mama needs shoes."
Then it's "Teef" (brush teeth)
Then it's "New diaper"
Then it's "Chase new toes."
Then it's "Downstairs"
Then it's "Booberry pancakes"
Then it's "Read books Mama"
Then it's "Mama's tea"

And then, finally we Go Dogs Go to wherever our morning activity is located.

As a side note, my parents used to tell me that I didn't have to take of them. I wonder if Chase feels like without her help, we might be lost, or miss a vital step in the morning routine that would spell disaster - or if she is simply trying to show me that she knows what's next.