Saturday, November 18, 2006

Two Bottom Teeth Coming In At The Same Time

Now hold still, Chase...

Eight Months

Eight months old.
You've been outside almost as long as inside.
Oh my darling, you are growing up so fast!
You are so close to crawling. To walking. To talking.
It will be interesting to see what this next month brings.
Hang on tight, my dear - you will soon see Thailand, Hong Kong and China.

Confession: I Have A Little, Brown Problem

So I have a problem.
A little, brown, chocolate craving problem.
I really miss it.
I might actually need it to live.
I bought Oreos thinking that would do the trick.
I bought non-fat chocolate milk, thinking surely that will do it.
I've got to go find some Swiss chocolate.

Swim Baby, Swim!

"I have a crazy travel schedule," my husband announced when he returned home. He then listed his trips (Tokyo, Seoul, Bangkok, Phuket, Hong Kong, Dalian); I took note in my calendar. Hmmm, okay, so he'll basically be in Singapore for about three days over the next three weeks (maybe I should make more of an effort to make friends here).

As for Chase and I, we will meet him for a few days in Phuket, then most likely move to Hong Kong until our visas clear. (Pinch: Is this really my life?) The move to Hong Kong makes a lot of sense. It's closer to Dalian. There's no reason to be in Singapore. The lease here will be finished. Then, when our visas clear, we will move to Dalian, and our lives should settle down a bit more after Christmas.

As we discussed more moves, I had an "our poor, darling baby, she's going to need a lot of therapy when she gets older" moment and then I realized that this is what she knows. This is normal. The more I get to know her, the more I see that she really does prefer to be out and about to sitting and quietly playing in the apartment.

So hubs and I had a day together before his crazy travel started.

We went to an oh-so-sketchy baby store, as we heard it was a good place to find deals. It looked more like a collection of goods that fell off the back of the baby truck. Next door, however, there was a better store, where we found a great car seat for Chase (for our car in China).

As it was super hot, we decided to go swimming. It was Chase's first time in a pool. She loved it. She kicked and splashed about. She got a couple huge gulps of pool water (poor darling). My plan is to take her swimming at least 3x a week. When we get to Dalian we can enroll her in a proper swim class.

Loving it ...

Then.... not so happy here, as she had inhaled a little too much water ...