Saturday, August 12, 2006


It's funny because it's true.

Zurich Street Parade

Once a year Zurich goes WILD. I passed on taking Chase down into the madness; Brian braved the crowd to get these pictures for the blog.

Weekend Away: Klosters

We decided to spend the weekend in Klosters, a well-known ski resort close to Davos.

Recognizable to Britons as the favoured winter getaway of Prince Charles, Klosters sits about 9km northeast of Davos. Klosters is peaceful and quiet, with lovely dark-wood chalets and a village atmosphere.

Klosters is a destination in the Summer for hikers, bikers and outdoor types. There are magnificent vistas from cable cars and gorgeous Alpine hikes. We were lucky enough to be offered keys to a friend's place. The drive out was beautiful. We were so looking forward to a weekend away.

When we got there the clouds and rain set in (which is why half the pictures are in color and half are in black and white). We ended up only spending one night, as it was quite chilly and wet, wet, wet outside. We headed home a day early ...

Small mountain town:

View from the apartment:

Out on the town (we had about 15 mins between rain storms):

Daddy's Little Girl