Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy To You, Madoc

Madoc has so many words now! And her expressions crack me up, because sometimes she forgets words. For example, for Mother's Day, she kept saying "Happy To You," all day long. And she keeps saying it. And so, of course, I must say "Happy To You, Madoc," which, if you think about it, is a lovely thing to say to anyone - because you have to smile.

Another thing Madoc loves to say is, "My daddy told me..." and then she completes the sentence with whatever it is she wants. Like "My daddy told me to eat cold banana half." She also likes asking for clarification using full sentences, like "Mommy, what is this about?" or "Mommy what is this used for?"

We were watching Curious George and Madoc told me, "My Chasey told me George is going to be okay. My daddy told me he is going to be okay, too." (Seriously? That's a lot to say.)

Mads has also started trying to read the early reader books that Chase is bringing home. At this rate, she will probably be able to read by end of age 3. She is so determined not to miss out on anything.

Her incredibly gorgeous hair, coupled with her beautiful blue eyes make her an irresistible (and oh so smart) toddler. All she has to do is bat her eyelashes (and yes, she knows how), and she's got you wrapped around her little finger (and boy does she have a cute little finger).

Now if only she could figure out how to exactly like her big sister...