Monday, September 15, 2008

Changing Eating Habits

So it's not because the doctor told me how much weight I've gained - honest. It's more about my experiences eating in different parts of the world and about three books that have found me (at the same time).

I'm not one to jump into a fad diet, in fact, I haven't dieted or much cared about what I ate since college, I've mostly tried to make solid decisions about what I eat day-to-day.

At any rate, after reading three books (again, they found me, I didn't go off looking for them) - (1) Younger Next Year, (2) Culinary Medicine and (3) The China Study, I am seriously considering the Macrobiotic lifestyle.

I've asked Hubs to read the 1st and the 3rd and let me know what he thinks. But I think it basically comes down to how to eat to live a long, healthy life.

Potty Training Update

So I'm sure Chase will H-A-T-E that I've blogged about potty training, but I have to share that the Make-Believe-Diaper-Fairy is, well, the best thing EVER. Maybe it's because we just got her excited enough to buy in to the entire idea.

First day, five pairs of pants. For the past four days - no accidents. None.

(Knock wood it continues)

Eager Reader

Every day Chase points to things and asks us what they say. It's totally outrageous. We've started reading to her and pointing at the words as we go. I can't believe she's 2.5 years old and seriously cares about words. It's fabulous.

Kitchen Remodel Update

So how is the kitchen remodel coming along? VERY WELL.

We are happy to report we are nearing the end of our project. Hubs is probably happiest, as the only major things left to do are the backsplash and a cookbook nook. There is also just the smallest amount of painting left (thank goodness). I've already told Hubs that after the baby comes he'll never have to paint anything again.

Also happy to report we pretty much stayed on budget. We did end up needing to replace the window over the sink - it's on order. And we will likely give each other a stainless dishwasher for Christmas (oh how romantic). We're also on the look-out for a eat-in kitchen table, although I'm pushing to move one of our couches into the eat-in space and making it an ultra comfy nook.

We're pretty pleased that we managed to update the kitchen and make it feel like it belongs with the house.

And a special thanks to Nee Nee Kar Kar who has agreed to make curtains for the window over the sink and the long window at the back of the eat-in space. I found lovely french tapestry (looking) curtains that I'm loving!

Next time I post pictures it should be done!

And of course -- Silestone countertops...