Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Chase's nose is still running, which means I'm not getting much sleep.

So I dragged myself to Starbucks this morning to meet a friend.
I was totally disheveled. Greasy hair pulled back in a pony tail.
Big glasses to hide the bags under my eyes.

I realized when I arrived that Chase had decided to wipe her nose all over my shoulder - it looked like a snail trail.

It's a pretty picture, I know.

But then I looked around, and I noticed that most of the people were not looking their best. One gal with bleached hair and dark roots had pulled her hair back, but it wasn't smooth - it was all over the place. Two guys looked like they had been studying for a test all night. A third woman was wearing sweats and no make-up.

Maybe I had just hit the "morning crowd," the folks who role out of bed and head for coffee. Or maybe I'm going to the wrong Starbucks.

The Game

Where's Chase?

There she is!