Wednesday, September 18, 2013


My darling girls, I'm sorry I have not written in so long.  I've let so much slip by unrecorded.  Only after watching Chase spend hours scrolling through previous posts did I remember why I initially created it - to be able to provide a cherished keepsake for my children - so they can look back on their childhood and actually get a sense of what was going on during that time in their lives.

So much has happened.... 

We relocated to Singapore about 6 weeks ago.  The pollution in Hong Kong was so bad that you can see it hanging in the air.  I swear I could see particles (yes, I hear Hubs laughing and saying "yah, right.") - but yes, really I could.  It made me sick every day to look outside and think there was absolutely nothing I could do to protect my children from it.  I wanted them to grow up running around outside, but instead we stayed inside as much as possible.

Singapore is such a breath of fresh air.  It is amazing.  Glorious blue skies.  White puffy clouds.  The air actually smells - fresh.  I was thinking the other day how nice it was to be able to walk around and not smell the stench of sewage, which wafts from the grates in Hong Kong.  How nice it is not to smell diesel from the boats on the Sai Kung waterfront.  That said, I truly miss Hong Kong, I miss my friends,  and I really, really miss Sai Kung, which had to be one of the most glorious places on earth (on a clear day).

I also realize that for the girls, Hong Kong was home.  The homiest home they ever knew was there, and I'm sure they will continue to remember and treasure the time we spent there - as I know we all will.

And so on to Singapore.  New house. New helper. New life?  Chapter 6.  As it is the sixth country we've lived in.  Goodness we move a lot.