Friday, March 02, 2007

Dance, Baby, Dance

Last night Hubs and I went to a German restaurant. The restaurant was pretty good overall, offering plenty of sausages and good beer on tap.

The most remarkable thing about last night wasn't that we found a good alternative to dumplings. We saw Chase dance for the first time.

There was a Philippina girl cover band (dressed like slutty school girls), that started performing at around 8.45. They were a bit provocative - swinging their hips around, etc. (Asian cover bands can be quite hilarious to watch).

Chase LOVED them. She could not stop rocking back and forth. She was all smiles. Hubs and I couldn't stop laughing.

We only stayed for two songs, but it was clear Chase wanted to dance the night away...

Painting Class

Today I had my first Chinese painting class. It was AMAZING.

The instructor just happens to be a nationally recognized Chinese painter and calligrapher - his teacher was taught by one of the "greats." (I had no idea until today). So while Chase was busy with her Chinese tutor, I learned how to to paint shrimp.

He also gave me a Chinese name, which sounds like Langley, but it means beautiful day with a light breeze.

His (now hanging on our fridge)...

Mine ...