Monday, December 28, 2015

Madoc Turns 7

Madoc's 7th birthday roses.

Madoc, this year you turned 7.  We celebrated with a slumber party that included your three best friends.  You wanted a "teddy bear picnic" party and so we did exactly that.  You enjoyed making your very own teddy bear, coloring it with fabric markers, stuffing it with lovely charms and designing a tutu, dress and hat for it.

Madoc my love, we continue to be absolutely impressed and inspired by you.  Your wit, your sense of humor, your compassion for others and your creativity.  You started sewing on your sewing machine at age 5, making dresses for friends at age 6.  You construct bags and pillows and cat toys and dog capes with ease.

Your energy and enthusiasm and downright determination to always be making things keeps me on my toes - you are always asking for food coloring for something, or sticking something you've found in the freezer to see what happens.  Your art is gorgeous - filled with color and light.

This year you got an American Girl Doll for your birthday.  I'm not sure how you got your hands on one of the catalogues but it was the ONLY thing you read - cover to cover - every single day for the month leading up to your birthday.

This year you also got a very large pair of tumbling mats and have been absolutely committed from morning to night to improve your cartwheels and handstands.  You literally cartwheel in for breakfast and cartwheel out to school.

And finally, this year you got a purple Hannah Montana electric guitar.  Something you have been asking for over the past year.  I can't wait to hear you play it when you finally *get* how to play it.

We love you my darling.  You are a shining light, a sparkling Opal filled with glistening colors, each one deeper and more sparkly than the next.  I wish all the best for you in life, my littlest lovely.

And to Chase, I know that being a big sister is sometimes - okay most times - one of your hardest jobs, but you have done fabulously.  I hope you will one day realize that much of what Madoc has become comes down to you - how you care for her, lead by example and support her.  So proud of you, my love.  I know you have been dealt a challenging hand, my dear, and you continue to find your smile every day.  Keep smiling, keep loving, keep laughing.  No matter what.

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Unsuspecting sister...
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