Monday, July 07, 2008

New Sizes

Just a quick note that within the next month or so, Chase will be squarely into 4T size clothes and wearing size 8.5 in shoes.

Re-Thinking Education

After being really happy that Chase got into the JCC, we decided to decline the opportunity. We're now thinking a two-day-a-week (morning or afternoon) program would be a better fit for us.

This way, Chase would have a time/place for herself, and we could also continue private Mandarin lessons, and afford a Mother's Helper after number 2 arrives. I've made a commitment to Chase to continue to have one-on-one time with her, while Mother's Helper holds and coos at baby number 2.

We've also decided on four schools for next year (JCC, Children's Garden Montessori, Montview and Denver International School) - which are all, unfortunately, are lottery-based. There is also the possibility that the Denver Public School (Mandarin Immersion Program) will be up and running.