Friday, June 03, 2011


This week we took a closer look at Oceans. First, we tried to find them on the globe.

Then we did a craft with salt. Watercolor does an interesting thing when you add salt. It makes "snowflakes" appear. Madoc's had a stronger snowflake effect (she used more salt).

Then we did a fish craft and named each part of the fish. Madoc practiced writing her name.

We named and located the five largest oceans in the world.
Good lower case writing practice for Chase.

It was also a good opportunity for Madoc to work on her "writing."

We went down to the local Chinese medicine shop and took a closer look at a dried seahorse, which the Chinese believe give you "special energy," when consumed. The lady next to us told us there are bigger horses, called "Sea Dragons." Unfortunately this shop didn't have any. After taking a close look, we gave it back to the lady behind the counter.

We made something, which I can only describe as sweet and extremely weird. Originally I set off to buy candy fish, but could only find marshmallow eggs, which Chase dubbed "tadpoles." So it was meant to be an edible ocean, but instead it was more like a little pond with strange, marshmallow eggs in it.

We made soap fish. The girls can't wait to take a bath with their new friends. Chase actually made a soap Whale.

Checked out a relevant book from the library.

Went down to the waterfront to take a closer look at what lives in the ocean.

We also tasted some seafood (at home). We made a delish tuna dish from Annabelle Karmel. The kids have never had tuna before and Chase LOVED it. Mads, who has always been the adventurous eater, has somehow changed her ways and now wants to consume only pasta and yogurt.

I am trying to muster up the energy to take the kids to the beach tomorrow morning before it gets too hot.

Next week we will take a closer look at jungles!