Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Chase's Take On The Baby

Chase came with us when we had the first exam; so she had a chance to see her little brother/sister at the same time we did. She had a look of excitement and amazement in her eye. She said, "oh mama!" in the same way she says "oh mama" when I buy her "green juice" (w/spirulina) or "pink milk." Like there was nothing more exciting on earth.

On the way home from the doctor, Chase said, "Mama, baby. Dadda no baby. Chase no baby. Taggart no baby. Dagney no baby." And then in conclusion, "Mama baby."

I asked her if she thought it was a girl or boy and she said, in a way that made it perfectly clear, "Mama, baby."

New Years Party

I know it's early, but we've already made plans for ringing in the New Year - we will be welcoming a brand new little bundle of joy, who just so happens to be due on New Year's Eve (at least that's what the doctors say, although my calculations put the scheduled delivery on 29 Dec.)

We won't know girl/boy for another 5/6 weeks - and of course we'd be happy with either.

The first trimester was uneventful (thank goodness). No morning sickness. The only thing really weird was my taste buds went on strike. Everything that wasn't based on white flour/white sugar tasted like dirt or metal.

The difference between having a baby in London and having a baby in Denver is already MASSIVE. Where to start?


2) The doctor gave me a big bag of pre-natal vitamins (to try) and said if they make you sick, throw them out until you find one that doesn't. (whoa) And when I found one I was happy with, it was (a) prescription strength and (b) had DHA not from fish oil (double whoa). As an aside, I'm not opposed to DHA from fish oil, I just don't trust big brands to clean the oil more than they have to, which means there's still some sketchy stuff in it.

3) The doctors here actually weigh you and keep track of your weight. (good/bad, I don't know)

4) The recovery room appears very luxurious and is, get this, just for one person (not six).

More to come....