Saturday, September 22, 2007

Home Sweet Home

I can't believe we have been unpacking for a week. And we're still not through it all. And there is more to come. We still await our shipment from China. And I don't know where it is all going to go. Seriously, we might as well just tell them to take it back.

Funny how after one purchases a home, one finds things one missed during the home inspection, like that the previous owners painted over wallpaper. UGH. Or that the foundation under the kitchen addition isn't as solid as you hoped. Or that a queen size bed spring set doesn't fit up the stairs (yes, I broke a window trying to make it fit).

So we called around and found - yes, it's too good to be true - queen size split box springs. They went up the stairs so quickly and so easily. Oh if only we had the smarts to know about the beautiful split box springs BEFORE we tried maneuvering the queen set upstairs. We would still have our window. Live and learn.

Speaking of learning... Chase is amazing. She is talking all the time. She doesn't know a lot of words, but the words she does know, she uses all the time.

We're pretty sure Chase thinks her dad drives a truck all day. She is always saying "da da" and then making the sign for drive. I guess it makes sense, because she sees him drive away to work every day. But she doesn't know where he goes. So for all she knows he just drives around all day.

She has grown out of her 18-month clothes. She is now wearing slippers that are size medium (we had to cut the toes out of her PJs last night - her feet are about 6" long!).

And she's the cutest, smartest, little girl we've ever seen.