Saturday, October 20, 2012

Odds & Ends

Nothing gets my creative juices flowing like really bad air pollution.  With my girls spending most of their time inside these days, I've had to come up with lots of ideas to keep them busy.

Green spaghetti, it turns out, is really fun for about 5 minutes.  I also learned that it doesn't keep overnight.

Photo: Made spooooky noodles and hid critters inside.  Crappy air = get creative about keeping Madoc entertained inside.  Play dough and baked cotton puffs also on the schedule for this afternoon.

We also baked cotton balls covered in flour and food color. Great fun!

Photo: Keeping Madoc home due to high air pollution. So we are making jello stars, pretzels and baking cotton puffs, which will smashed with hammer.

Shaving cream and cotton wool was also a hit.

Photo: Shaving cream and cotton wool.  Oooooh fun times.PhotoPhoto: More fun. Now in the tub.

We tried to make bouncy balls.  Not exactly a success.

Photo: Home made bouncy balls.  Nailed it.  (Not)

I've also started working with the girls on their manners.

Photo: Kicking off manners and responsibility for kids.  Btw, "no smacking" refers to chase smacking her food in her mouth.

Chase has become an incredible artist.

Photo: Latest

And Madoc is, too!  Here is her self-portrait.

Photo: We have a visitor.  Yes, it is Madoc's self portrait.

Life is good!