Monday, September 11, 2006

Another Funny

I was putting Chase down for a nap yesterday.

We were both on our backs on her bed (as an aside - I just don't get why people buy cribs - the mattress on the floor works so well).

I was watching her, whispering "hush, hush." She wasn't her usual sleepy self; I could tell she was thinking about something (she furls her brow).

She then proceeds to takes her pacifier out of her mouth and try to put it in mine. She then bursts out into hysterical laughter.

So I pretended to suck on it, which made her laugh and laugh and laugh.

Baby Spice

Special thanks to the Zubillers for this cutie pie outfit!

Swiss Holiday: Boy's Shooting Match

Today is the Boy's Shooting Match - an official holiday in Zurich.

Military training for Swiss youth can be traced back to the Middle Ages. Shooting practise for Zurich youths was first described in 1576 but the actual Knabenschiessen competition was first documented in the second half of the 17th century. As Zurich traditions go, the Knabenschiessen for 12–16 year-old boys on the second weekend in September is second only to the spring Sechseläuten, which bids farewell to winter. However the shooting match has only existed in its present form since 1899. Thousands of boys - and recently girls - take part in the competition for youngsters at Albisgüetli. Each competitor has five shots and the winner receives great honours with his/her picture appearing in every Zurich newspaper.

The «Shooting King» receives an old Zurich coin on three silver chains and may choose an award from the prize table. In addition, as a guest of the Baker’s Guild, the winner is invited to the Sechseläuten banquet, attended by representatives of the Government, high-ranking Swiss Army officials and members of Zurich’s Guilds.

Holiday details pulled directly from

Challenge: Travel

We've all heard it before... "When a baby is born, so many things change."

While most of those changes are for the best, new parents also find themselves facing a few challenges. I firmly believe that any challenge can be overcome if one has enough creativity and determination.

Now that we've managed to conquer the "mom is a zombie due to lack of sleep" challenge, we are now finding ourselves asking -- how can someone so small require so much stuff for a weekend away?

We used to get away with just a small, very light and portable bag between the two of us. Now, we are finding we require an additional full-size duffel bag, just for Chase (diapers, bottles, sterilizer, multiple changes of clothes, toys, blankets).

With the new air travel restrictions, flying has become a mega nightmare (waiting in long lines and having to sit in one position with squirming infants is beyond unfun). We tried train travel, thinking it would be good because Chase wouldn't have to be confined to a car seat and there are shorter lines (didn't take into consideration the multiple transfers, physically toting Chase's uber-bag and being jammed into little seats). This leaves the car, which has worked pretty well, as long as the trip itself is no longer than three hours - which basically limits us to Switzerland, Western Austria and Southern Germany. (I know you're all thinking: poor Lang and Brian)

Because the traditional baby bags just aren't cuttin' it for me, I've decided to design a smaller baby travel uber-bag that allows for two nights of travel, but doesn't kill the parents or take up an entire airline overhead storage compartment. If anyone has any ideas (must haves) for this baby "weekender" bag, please don't hesitate to post a comment or send me an email. You might even get a baby weekender bag out of it!