Thursday, March 12, 2009

What Do I Smell Like?

"What do I smell like?" - I ask Chase because she is digging her nose into my cheek.
"Like silver." - Oh really? I am not convinced as Madoc just spit up all over my neck.
"Like silver and ribbons." - Chase continues.
"And Madoc? What does she smell like?" - I ask.
"Madoc smells like corn." - Chase decides.

Birthday Wish

"Do you have a birthday wish?" - me
"Yes, it's a star." - Chase

"Mom, do you have a birthday wish?" - Chase
"Oh yes, it's to spend the day with you, your sister and your dad." - I smiled.
"No, mom, no. Your birthday wish is an oval." - Chase said in a serious tone.
"And Dad's birthday wish is a triangle." - Chase continues.
"And Madoc?" - I ask.
"Oh, Madoc's wish is a diamond." - Chase is quite confident.
"Lucky girl." - I say.