Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Tissue Fun

Chinese Play Date

Have I mentioned how much I wish I was fluent in Chinese?

Chase and I were invited to a neighbor's flat this afternoon. They only spoke Chinese. I brought You Pung. I have no idea what they talked about for an hour.

Both parents were home. The dad took out his camera. They brought out all the toys (most were mechanized; quite different from Chase's silent toys).

The little boy was wearing pants that looked like jodhpurs, sans diapers. I thought to myself it was a little funny that here was this little boy who was having a little girl over and his little wee was hanging out. I suppose some day he will be quite the ladies man.

I asked You Pung about the no diaper concept - and she said it is quite common. They only wear diapers when they leave the house. I wonder at what age they potty train here?

It's funny to me to see what other parents deem appropriate for small children (especially in other countries). They had this really strange flower that sang "Row, row, row your boat," in English. Lots of jeeps, motorcycles, things with toy guns (the boy is only 11-months-old). They had this one fold out number chart - most of the things that went along with the numbers were basic (balloons, hats, etc), but for number 2, there were 2 guns. Yes, that's right. Guns. And for number 7, there were 7 razor blades (like the kind you would use to do traditional Chinese paper cutting art). Still a little strange in my book.

Hmmm, I wonder what other parents think of Chase's toys when they come over?

Growing Girl

Our growing girl has decided she isn't so keen about her morning nap, and is only sometimes "in the mood" for a rest in the afternoon. It used to be sure thing. Now the only sure thing is that I don't know what to expect.

On the subject of growing=change, it is becoming increasingly clear to me that we need to try to wean her off bottles. The books tell you to do it around 10-12 months, but because there has been so little constant in her life, I decided somewhere along the way, to wean her around 12 months - and suddenly it is right around the corner.

So I put her formula in her sippy cup this morning and she looked at me like I was crazy. To my little gourmand, it simply didn't taste the same. She didn't drink it until I poured it back into her bottle 45 minutes later. So I've decided to buy new sippy cups that don't look like the old ones (the ones she uses for water).

We'll see how that goes....would love advice if anyone is dishing it out...