Thursday, September 10, 2009

Chase Updates

Chase starts preschool tomorrow! I can't believe she is old enough. But I am glad she is. She needs school - she is a social creature and craves interaction. Even if I line-up three play-dates in one day, she says, "and then who will we see? what will we do?" On the days I don't have anything lined-up, she becomes unmanageable. Big tantrums over nothing. Sobbing. Screaming. Just because she has nothing better to do. I try to keep her busy, but I just can't have something for her every minute of every day. Hope it gets better soon. Age 3 has been a real challenge for all involved.

And she starts violin next week. Hurray!


we are obsessed by this house. it is haunting us, from Portland. it goes up for auction on Sunday. wish us luck.

Mads Developments

She is really moving now. She is clapping. She is waving "bye." She is saying "dada." She has been weaned. She loves her Daddy - big smiles - all the time. And she loves, loves, loves Taggart. And Taggart, well, tolerates her.

Are You My Mother?

Yes, Chase asked me if I was really her mother. Just a casual question over breakfast.

Yes, I replied. I carried you in my tummy for 9-months. And then I pushed really hard. And then you came out. And I held you in my arms and told you that I loved you. Forever and ever and always.