Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Thanks, Mom!

Can't believe it has been so long since I posted something. I am pretty tired so this will be short and sweet.

HUGE thanks to my mom for coming out to Denver. Picture of the BIG SMILE to be posted soon.

Gotta run and get some sleep.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Chase Quotes

"Madoc's toes are delicious."

"What kind of cake should we make for daddy's birthday?" - Me
"A blue cake. With blue frosting." - Chase
"And what will it taste like?" - Me
"Vitamins." - Chase

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Madoc Update

Just as I was about to throw in the towel and switch to bottles, it occurred to me that Madoc sleeps the best during the day and is downright squirmy, scrunchy and gassy at night (I have been getting up at least 6x/night).

What's different between day and night? To start, I have been giving her a bottle of formula, just before bed. No amount of zantac, gasex or gripe water helped. Unconvinced that zantac was the answer, I decided to do a little more research and try to figure out a way to get Madoc off it.

That's when I found Dr. Sears' elimination diet - so now I am eating only range-fed turkey and lamb, baked or boiled potatoes and sweet potatoes (with salt and pepper only), rice and millet as the only grain, cooked green and yellow squash for your vegetable, and for fruit, pears and diluted pear juice. He recommends a rice-based beverage drink in place of milk on cereal or in cooking. He recommends against soy.

I decided to start the diet at the same time I took Mads off Zantac - and, knock wood, it seems to be working. Last night I had to wake her up to nurse at 1:30 and then she stirred again around 5:00 am. This is amazing, given the fact I have had no sleep in 3 months. And she didn't scrunch - her gasiness was there, but it was minimal. Amazing!

So now I start adding things, little by little.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Chase 3rd Birthday

A couple pictures from Chase's party...

The cake:

The friends:

Eating the cake:

Toddlers on sugar:

An attempt to calm them:

And then it was time for hand prints:

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Huge Thanks

Super huge thanks to everyone who sent Chase birthday gifts. They meant the world to her!

Madoc 3 Months

And one in color...

Mona Lisa

Not kidding. Chase was doing a painting and I asked her what it was a picture of. She replied, "The Mona Lisa, Mom," as if surprised I didn't recognize it.

Chase Birthday Cake

How old are you?

All done?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday, Darling Chase

I can't believe it has been three years since I drank a cup of tea at St. George's Hospital - awaiting Chase's arrival. People had told us having kids would change our lives forever - and it sure has.

I still remember the look of awe and amazement she gave me when they handed her to me in the hospital. I remember the overwhelming feeling of responsibility and wanting desperately to protect her from everything. Three years later, she has transformed into a lovely little girl. So amazing, in so many ways.

I will have to spend more time on this, but now I must go as her little sister needs me...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

So Many Things...

Chase is talking non-stop. All the time. Telling stories. Giving instruction. Teaching me "how to be smart." Seriously.

And she just keeps coming up with the most amazing things - like today, she was painting, and I said, "Chase, that's really nice. What is it a picture of?" And she turned to me and said in her most serious voice (like, really, mom, how could you not know?) - "It's Mona Lisa," she said to me.

Madoc Weight

So Madoc now weighs 15.5 lbs. She's 12 weeks old. That puts her into the 95th percentile for weight. And all she's been doing is nursing. Whoa.

The Library Woman

"The library woman told me not to sing too many songs. But I sing songs every day. With lots of words." - Chase

Friday, March 13, 2009

Chase's 3rd Birthday

Chase's birthday (March 18th) is coming up!
I'm trying to pull it all together...

Activity: Kiddos are going to paint on a giant canvas, then break for cake, then the canvas gets cut into squares while kids are eating cake. Then kids put their hand-prints on their square and have something nice to take home (and hopefully frame).

Invites and cake decoration created (above).

For family...
Shoes (size 10)
Tops (size sm/6-7)
Pants (size sm/6-7)
Still loves the Einsteins
Enjoys art, reading, story telling, building with blocks
Trying to get her in to science this summer

Thursday, March 12, 2009

What Do I Smell Like?

"What do I smell like?" - I ask Chase because she is digging her nose into my cheek.
"Like silver." - Oh really? I am not convinced as Madoc just spit up all over my neck.
"Like silver and ribbons." - Chase continues.
"And Madoc? What does she smell like?" - I ask.
"Madoc smells like corn." - Chase decides.

Birthday Wish

"Do you have a birthday wish?" - me
"Yes, it's a star." - Chase

"Mom, do you have a birthday wish?" - Chase
"Oh yes, it's to spend the day with you, your sister and your dad." - I smiled.
"No, mom, no. Your birthday wish is an oval." - Chase said in a serious tone.
"And Dad's birthday wish is a triangle." - Chase continues.
"And Madoc?" - I ask.
"Oh, Madoc's wish is a diamond." - Chase is quite confident.
"Lucky girl." - I say.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Spring Cleaning

It's almost that time of year. And I am ready to really go through our stuff. Sell things on Craigslist. Maybe even have a yard sale. We've got to clean. I have such a hard time with clutter. I really dislike it. And my closet needs a major overhaul.

Ode to Monsters

This morning Chase told me one of the monsters was in Madoc's room. She said we needed to give him toys and make him happy. She also told me we needed to have a monster party. Sounds like fun!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Two nights ago Chase ran into our bedroom, crying that there were monsters in her room - and there were monsters in Madoc's room. She was terrified. She spent the rest of the night curled up close to me.

Last night, she didn't want to go to sleep. She was so scared. She was also so tired that her body finally gave in and she fell asleep in her bed after reading many, many books.

After she went to bed, I slipped downstairs and did a quick google search on fear of monsters. Apparently, fears start as early as three and can last until a child is eight. The article I read indicated that even though it can be a very scary time for the child, it is a good thing, because it shows that the child is capable of understanding abstract concepts. The article indicated that monsters can be brought on by stress (like the birth of a sibling) or by seeing something scary (and she had just watched a little einsteins about dinosaurs). The article offered ideas up like creating a "monster spray," and indicated it's important to validate the child's feelings, rather than simply telling them monsters don't exist.

So I had a couple ideas up my sleeve, when she came into bed at midnight. I let her finish the night with me, as Hubs is out of town, figuring we'd chat about it in the morning. So when she woke up we started talking about the monsters, and she said her Komoto Dragon had put the monsters back in their cages.

And then she started telling me about Icky, her Komoto Dragon. He wears a hat. And has a purse with puzzles and games. And he keeps the monsters in their cages.

So Icky spent the morning with us. He brushed his teeth next to Chase. Washed his face. Had breakfast. I think Icky might be with us for a little while.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Grandpa Mark & Fern Visit

Thanks for coming!

So now I have just a little more time - it was so great to have Grandpa Mark and Fern out to Denver. I can't believe it had been a year since I last saw my father. Time flies.

Chase attached herself to my father for the duration of his visit. Madoc enjoyed spending time with Fern. She was quite happy and content - until a dirty diaper struck or she decided she was hungry or sleepy.

The blocks that Chase plays with were mine, when I was a child. He made them for me. So it's super sweet to see Chase play with them, too. And so when he arrived with roofing and gate blocks, you can only imagine how happy she was. Below (bottom right) is a picture of a cafe she built with Fern.

Chase also enjoys lining up her animals and toys. I have thought about spending a week recording all the positions her animals go in - but then something comes up and I forget.

And of course a trip to Denver isn't complete without time at the zoo. Here's Chase on the carousel with Grandpa Mark.

And a ride on the train with Fern.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

A Good Night?

So I had this idea. I decided to put Madoc in her own room last night.

Madoc has been sleeping pretty soundly, once she falls asleep (which is always between 7:30-8:00 p.m.) She has been sleeping until midnight/1 a.m., pretty much every night. From there, she wakes at 2:30/3 and then again at 4:30/5 and then again at 6:30/7.

I also decided to spend some time with my dearest husband, before my Dad comes into town; hubs also has to go to New Jersey for the week. So I didn't get to bed until 9. And Madoc decided to wake up at 11. And Chase decided to come into our bed at 12. And then wanted to cuddle until 1, which is when Madoc decided she was hungry... oh the joy!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


In Other News

Good thing I'm getting more sleep... the next couple months are going to be busy.

My dad and his wife are in town this weekend, then Chase turns 3, then my mom comes out for a week, then Hubs celebrates his b-day. Then we go back East as part of the Baby Tour, and then down South. Then it's back to Denver for a little R&R, and to celebrate my b-day, before heading to Portland, Oregon to catch up with family and friends.

I'm tired just thinking about it!

Sleep And Summer Camp

Happy to report I've been getting more sleep lately. Thank goodness. We've got a bit of a routine going now, so life seems a bit more manageable.

I just signed-up Chase for Summer camp (for the month of June) - it's about 4 hours a week, on Wednesdays and Fridays. The first one is all about dancing, the second is all about musical instruments. She's going to love it.

Swim class is going really well and Madoc is huge and doing well.

New Shoes

I realized last week that I have not had a new pair of shoes in 3 years. Whoa. It's time to go shopping.