Monday, November 05, 2007

People Keep Asking

How is "re-entry" going?

It's going well.
Hubs and I are loving Denver.
The air is clear; the sky is blue.
The grass is green.
The playgrounds are clean.
The parents are nice.
The sun is out. All the time.
Found a local dairy that delivers milk.
Taggart has not made a "mess" in several days (knock wood).

But I miss China.
And Switzerland.
And even London.
I miss the crazy, exhausting travel schedule.
The people we've met from all over the world.

I miss the awe that overtakes your soul when you stand in front of the Pyramids. I miss enjoying a glass of wine at a rooftop cafe in Shanghai, scaling the Great Wall in Beijing, taking in the view at the base of the Matterhorn - to name a few.

The food - the fish in China (albeit toxic), the fondue at Chasealp and the full English breakfast.

But I don't miss the plane rides. Not at all.