Saturday, February 16, 2008

Whatever It Is YOU Do

I have been really bad at updates. I know. I have been even worse at taking pictures.

So let's see, what has happened since my last update?

  • Chase had a full blown tantrum in Target (read: screaming, arching back, kicking, rolling around on the floor), because she didn't want to wear her shoes. Oh, and it was lunch time and she was hungry and tired. Yah, note to self.
  • We enrolled her in a tiny tot soccer program. She even has a uniform. She starts in March.
  • Chase's Mandarin is coming along. She loves her tutor. Her pronunciation is improving.
  • We're heading to London next week with plans to spend a couple days in Budapest to celebrate Chase's second birthday. (wow, has it really been two years?)
  • NeeNee KarKar and Poppa Joe have been out visiting - it has been wonderful! Pictures to come.
A little story from yesterday - so Karla (Hub's mom) and I are in the fabric store looking for curtain material. We found a beautiful green silk (so yummy). And the lady behind the counter, who had quite the approach to life, laid into me here and there because I don't really "get" sewing. Like, I'm trying to learn, okay? So at the end of our time there, she said to me, in a sardonic tone, "well honey, I'm sure that whatever it is YOU do, you're very good at it."

Friday, February 08, 2008

Zoo Fundraiser

I have talked a local coffee shop in to hosting a fundraiser.

Chase has painted 6 pieces of art, each will be sold for $10.00 - and all proceeds will be donated to the Denver Zoo's Red Apple Fund, a fund that helps children who can't afford the zoo with an opportunity to visit the zoo.

Our goal is to sell each of the following pieces before the show (which is slated for March).

So family members, please let me know which piece to reserve for you. I will mail them to you following her show - so you will receive them in April. Please send checks or cash to Chase Allbritton. All donations are welcome.

Canvases are 6" x 8" - mixed media (acrylic paint with glitter pen) - so without further ado:

"Monkey House"

"Giraffe" (SOLD) - Thanks to Aunt Michelle!

"Hippo" (SOLD) - I'm keeping one!

"Cheetah" (SOLD!) Thanks Joe & Karla!

"Polar Bear" (SOLD!) - Thanks, Dad!

"Elephant" - (SOLD) Thanks, Mom!

Doll House

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

I must admit something.

I really was planning on celebrating the Chinese New Year, but I became overwhelmed with cleaning and straightening up the house after my mom - and husband - confirmed I am a slob.

I prefer to think of myself as having better things to do with my time then spend it cleaning. Like taking care of a 2-year-old, who delights in unpacking shelves. And it's not like we live in a messy-mess.

At first glance everything looks pretty good. It's just if you open a cabinet or closet, you see things are jammed inside. Hubs tried to make me feel better, "Don't worry, I knew you were a slob when I married you." Thanks, hon.

But I digress.

So I was planning on doing some New Year celebrations - and I think I will go buy some oranges, flowers, dumplings and spring rolls today (so we can enjoy them tomorrow). But it just doesn't feel the same. The celebrations here aren't as grand. We don't have fireworks going off EVERY MINUTE OF EVERY DAY for months before (and after).

So on to the Year of The Rat...
Following are some predictions from Paul NG. (

- There are 3 “wood” elements in this combination, resulting in good news concerning land and real estate.
- This may be a record year for single old ladies to re-marry.
- Marriage involving older women and younger men would continue.
- The world’s political picture, especially USA and UK, could be very dark, owing to many terrorist attacks.
- There would be plenty of water problems worldwide, such as flooding.
- The polar ice will speed up its melting process, thus increasing the water level in the oceans.
- On the bright side, this is a good year for economic recoveries. Many businesses would do well.
-There would be some kind of breakthroughs in cancer treatments.
- Food businesses would do well too, especially those targeting weddings and births.
- Gold and Metals would do well in general
-Textiles would do well, for the first time in many years, especially those targeting the Beijing Olympics.
- Metals businesses may suffer, especially Northern American cars . There would be major layoffs.
- Soda Water businesses also would be outperformed by Pure Water.
- Travel industry would do well in the north , especially mountainous areas .

Projection for the World Stock Markets:

February Positive

  • March: Positive
  • April: First half of month better than second half
  • May Positive
  • June Positive, but with volatility
  • July Positive
  • August : Negative
  • September : Negative
  • October: Second half of month better than first half
  • November : First half of month better than second half
  • December: First half of month better than second half
  • January (2009): Positive
For more about each sign - visit:

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Tuesday

Today Chase and I attended the Colorado Democratic Caucus.
It was packed. We were like Democratic sardines. Shoulder to shoulder.
My precinct had 160 people in it (and there were at least 5 precincts there).

Chase loved it.
When it came time to vote, she raised both her hands for Obama.
Not that she really had any idea what she was doing.
I think she was just caught up in the moment.

Hubs attended the Republican Caucus.
He had 10 people in his precinct.

At my Caucus, it was madness. Totally unorganized. Mayhem.
But it was totally fun - and totally American.
The election of the delegates was painful.
Our lead had no idea how to handle it.
After they were elected, we headed for the door.
Beat the rush, you know.
But Chase didn't want to go.
She LOVED it there.
Although she was exhausted out of her mind.

Overall, election night has been pretty interesting.

First - terrible news: seven people were killed in the South - due to Tornadoes.

Second - Chicago's first 20 voters were given styluses and their vote didn't register (so they are voting again).

Third - California is reporting they are running out of ballots due to high voter turn out.

Should be interesting to see the results tomorrow...

Monday, February 04, 2008

Super Tuesday

Tomorrow is "Super Tuesday."
Maybe I'll wear a cape.

Tomorrow is the first time I will have ever (a) voted on "Super Tuesday" and (b) been involved with a caucus.

And I'm looking forward to it.

I have been contacted by Obama's people four times (each time I spoke with a real, live, person).
Hillary, on the other hand, left a voice message.
And no, it wasn't live.

I have really been impressed by Obama's people.
I have not been very impressed by Hillary's ability to leave voice mail.

And so tomorrow I vote.

Nana Cris

Thank you so much to Nana Cris for making the trip to Denver.
We SO enjoyed spending time with you.
We loved the time at the Museum of Nature & Science.
Eating lunch in the car.
Walking Angel and Taggart.
The time at the zoo.
Playing hide & seek.

Totally fabulous.

I wish I had spent more time taking pictures.
Here are only a few...

Chase already misses you - and Angel!
We tried playing hide & seek without you, and it's just not the same.

A special thank you from us parents - thanks so much for making omelettes, letting us take a night on the town and letting us sleep in (felt like a weekend away, even though we only slept in one hour).