Monday, August 07, 2006

Future Pen Pals?

Addy Hall (London, England)
*Made possible by John and Allison Hall
*Special thanks to Addy for the donation of her stylish newborn - six month wardrobe

Damien and Sophia Berry (Boston, MA)
*Made possible by Jeff and Gabriella Berry

Mitchell and Calvin Carswell (Boston, MA)
*Made possible by Allison and Craig Carswell

Jack and Olivia Donahue (Boston, MA)
*Made possible by Victoria and Jeffery Donahue

Callia Ward (London, England)
*Made possible by Isaac and Elaina Ward

Bianca and Alexa Daly (Boston, MA)
*Made possible by Albert and Nayla Daly
**Bianca was born just hours before Chase!

Colby Carstons (London, England)
*Made possible by Anne-Marie and John Carstons

Charlie Howell (Portland, Oregon)
*Made possible by Sarah and Andrew Howell

Maura and Carter Alfrey (Portland, Oregon)
*Made possible by Whitney and Matt Alfrey

Felix Bond-Roberts (London, England)
*Made possible by Emma Bond and Emerson Roberts

And more to come ....

> Sarah and Zack Jarvis (30 November 2006)
> Chrisanne and Jason Gayl (31 December 2006)
> Jenny and Charles Turner (31 December 2006)
> Lynn Lawrence Brown (January 2007)


Chase has started making her own decisions.

What to wear... (purple pants with flowers)
Which toy she wants... (stuffed puppy dog)

One thing we're still not sure about is which hand she will choose to use. She swings easily between left and right - and likes to use both when possible.

On The Move

Zurich Fountains

The water here is so clean you can drink from any city fountain - and the fountains are beautiful!

Best Friends

If you look closely you will see that she has grabbed Dagney and is holding on tight!

Time With Daddy

Walking (With A Little Help)

First Flight