Sunday, February 24, 2013

Cantonese Opera

Chase and Madoc had their first Cantonese Opera experience about two years ago.  They have been hooked ever since.  The challenge has always been that the show starts at 7:30 pm in our town square, which is when our kids are usually in bed, with their heads on pillows, listening to stories.

This year they begged us to stay up late to see the show.  So we let them.  I hope this will be one of those childhood memories that sticks with them, that they will always have and cherish.

The best part had to be the fresh Dragon's Beard candy... wow, amazing to watch this man .... he was like Willy Wonka (note: he had a small dragon's beard of his own).

 All in all a wonderful evening.  Kids loved it.  We loved it.  And then we got home and Madoc fell apart.  Both girls were asleep within 5 minutes of their heads hitting the pillow, dreaming of Cantonese opera I'm sure...