Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Dinner!

Mads and her self-proclaimed "best friend" looking forward to dinner ...

The menu ...

The table ...

The pomegranate kaprioskas seemed to go down without complaints (note empty jar) ...

Hub's famous scallops! He made the remoulade and grilled them himself.
And people couldn't get enough of them ...

Meanwhile, at the kids table ...

And then it was time for Christmas crackers ... and crowns

Gorgeous selection of mains ... I love all the veggie options!

Party party!

Hostess with the most-ess. Including an exhausted little one and an eldest with an ear ache.

What's that? Home-made Christmas pudding? Bring it on!

Kickin' back before dessert ...

Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of all the desserts. Or the secret santa. But I can tell you we were gifted a Hong Kong dining guide, which we were really excited about, until we got it home and discovered it was all in Chinese. Oh well.

Chase was so whooped from all the Christmas parties, she had to go home at 3 p.m. And thank goodness mom was willing to go with her. Madoc joined shortly after. I was home by 6 p.m. Threw in my hat and put girls to bed and hung out with my mum instead of going out to the two other functions we had committed to - Hubs went on our behalf.

What I learned this Christmas. I CAN make a fabulous chocolate torte. And, spending time with my family is more important than any chocolate torte. No matter how good it is.

The Torte Of Christmas Present

We were invited to a very elaborate Christmas dinner by a friend of mine up the street. She loves throwing big parties. I have never met anyone who said "the more the merrier," and really, truly meant it.

We've gone the last two years now -- and while it stresses me out, it is a lot of fun. This year, I was in charge of creating 1) pomegranate kapriosas, 2) scallops with remoulade, 3) bacon wrapped dates, and 4) a chocolate chestnut torte. Plus I was in charge of roasting potatoes and pumpkin. Plus secret Santa gifts for adults. Plus secret Santa gifts for kids. Plus 4 bottles of wine. Plus 3 bottles of water.

And I have to admit. The idea of making a perfect chocolate torte really freaked me out. I was totally intimidated, and obsessed at the same time. So obsessed I found it hard to concentrate on anything else.

We went to a gorgeous Christmas Eve party and all I could think about was getting home to start the torte (for good reason, it takes over 2 hours to bake and has over 24 oz of Chocolate in it). And bless my hubby and Mom, who stayed up and helped me through it! Here it is without frosting. And no, I didn't get a picture of it with frosting. But it was gorgeous. Rich. And oh so sinful!


Every year, we go to see the Nutcracker. This year, we saw it on Christmas Eve.

The Hong Kong ballet's rendition of the Nutcracker is unbelievably beautiful. The costumes and set are amazing. The dancers are fabulous. My only gripe - there appears to be no sugar plum fairy (what? I know, how can that be?) and there seems to be a distinct lack of plot. Of course it is gorgeous and magical, but some things appear to have been lost in translation. That said, it is still the most beautiful Nutcracker performance I have ever seen.

My two ladies, getting ready for the show ...

At the show ... (I can't believe how grown-up they are!!!) Chase soaked in every moment. Mads sat up straight and clapped at all the right times. Way too cute!


Need I say more?