Monday, August 28, 2006

Chasie Magoo and her little cat Schmoo

Chase loves Dr. Seuss so much that I decided to write a story for her. After conducting a little research, I learned that most of Dr. Seuss' books are written in anapestic tetrameter (anapestic tetrameter consists of four rhythmic units (anapests), with two weak beats followed by one strong beat).

So here goes...

There once was a girl
Named Chasie Magoo
She lived in Zurich
With her little cat Shmoo

They laughed and they played
All through the day
That little girl Chasie
And her kitty cat Shmoo

But one bright sunny day
In the middle of May
Kitty cat Shmoo
thought of something new to do

Come with me
Said the kitty
Come with me outside
I'll show you something pretty
Come along for the ride

So Chasie followed her little brown kitty outside
And they sat together, looking up to the sky

Hand in paw they sat and stared
As they watched the clouds
Change shape up there