Sunday, July 17, 2011


We kicked off our week of studying Space by watching the last US space shuttle launch with Chase. Hubs and I watched it live and were torn as to if we should wake her. In the end, we decided to let her sleep and let her see it in the morning. Here it is for those who missed it, or want to see it again.

For those who are too young (my children) and those reading this who are not Americans, the last launch of the space shuttle was extremely significant. It marks the end of a 30-year space program. It was one of those moments we will always remember; one of those moments our kids will read about in history books and say "Yah, what-evah" as they grab the car keys to head out with friends - just another thing that happened in "the old days," you know... 2011.

I kept telling Hubs there was "no way" this was the last shuttle America was going to send into space. He kept telling "THIS IS THE LAST ONE!"

Chase was keen to make a pop-up space shuttle, so I gave it a go. Here she is working hard on it.

Mads wanted one, too. No comments, please.

We talked about outer space. About the Sun, how it casts light and warmth on Earth.

We talked about how the moon revolves around the Earth.

And about how Earth fits into the larger solar system.

We built a space center (back by popular demand).

And made Chase and Mads rockets (again!).

We also went to the Museum of Science. And, for the first time, the massive ball drop was working! There was a funnel section, that we managed to tie back to how the planets orbit around the Sun.

We also came across this fun exhibit that has nothing to do with Space. Little digital butterflies flutter about and land on the shadow of your child (if they stand still).

And we checked out the section on satellites. Hubs did a great job of explaining it to the girls.

And we found a giant Earth! (how great!)

I also made cinnamon rolls this week, from Jessica Seinfeld's book, but they turned out pretty funky, so Chase dubbed them "moon rocks." And Chase named her tuna noodles "moon crumble." HILARIOUS.

Next week Chase wants to take a closer look at castles ...