Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Art Museum

So we went to the Denver Museum of Art today - they have a craft day once per month. I was especially struck by how taken with the art Chase was... I never thought to take her to an art museum. Sounds strange, I know, but it just didn't seem like a place to take a three year old. But Chase loved it, and I was really sorry that we had to go without seeing the art.

On our way out, Chase ran over to a large work of art, and on her way there, she tripped and caught herself by putting her entire hand, open palm, snack-covered, fingers wide - on the painting - gasp! I pulled her off. Luckily her hand did not stick to the painting. No alarm sounded. But there was another family that witnessed the event. So I looked right at them and smiled. And sang a little tune, like "you saw nothing, right?" And one of them gave me a smile back, as if to say, "saw what?"