Friday, September 03, 2010


I am long overdue in writing about our helper, Jojo. She is amazing. Wonderful. I learn new things from her every day. Like how to actually keep a house clean. How nice ironed clothes can be (I only know how to iron wrinkles in to clothes). And how, if you don't keep your house clean, you get cockroaches.

She has made my life so different, so much better. Instead of spending time cooking or cleaning, I can spend it with my children - and the house is immaculate. And breakfast is ready when we come downstairs. Snack is ready when Chase comes home from school. And dinner for the adults is ready when we are done putting the children to sleep. Clothes are always clean, ironed and put away. My lingerie is actually folded and ironed. A little weird. But way too good to ask her to stop. Bed linens changed twice per week. I can actually go to doctor/dentist appointments for the first time in four years, without my kids. Oh, and I can shower alone. And it's beginning to feel normal.

And I am, by far, the most hands-on mom I've met here (if I do say so myself). You never know if the other mom will actually be at home if it is only your child is invited over for a play-date. It's really weird. I only let Chase play at three homes, as I know the mom and helpers well. And she is big enough to tell me if there is a problem.

There is a big TV culture here (maybe because it is so hot, or there are so many mozies) - we don't even have a TV (yet). Most moms just leave the TV on, non-stop. And I'm not sure what to do, because I only let Chase watch 4 hours of TV a week. And I try hard to keep Mads away from the TV. Do I talk to the moms and just underscore my weirdness? Probably a good idea, but I'm a little worried that the mom's might just find my request to keep the tv off while we are there a little too crazy - but then if they did, should we be friends? Don't get me wrong, I don't mind a little TV, but when it's on all the time?