Friday, January 21, 2011

Chase Rules China

I think it will happen. One thing that struck both Hubs and I when were in Disneyland is how much attention Chase received from the mainland Chinese. This struck us as odd, because Mads has the blond curls and blue eyes, while Chase has light brown hair and blue eyes. They couldn't get enough of Chase. Pictures, and many of them still wanted to touch her.

Hubs joked they must have seen her picture from when she ruled Dalian. But it was really very surprising to both of us. Chase was gracious through it all. (Kinda like she remembered what it was like to be adored by "the people.").

They loved her even more, of course, when she spoke to them in Mandarin.

Don't Fall In...

I have been working really hard with Chase to *actually* communicate with Madoc. Like ask her for things, instead of just taking them. And so I am always pleased when she uses her "big girl words" to get her point across. I totally blame our dog (sorry Hubs) for teaching Chase non-verbal, head butting as a means of communication, simply because I don't know where else she could have got it from - and she spent so much time pushing Tag out of her way with her head that it just became second nature.

So I must applaud the fact she used her words last night; I heard her little voice coming from the bathroom. She was telling Mads, "Don't push me while I'm on the potty or I might fall in, and then you'll never see me again."

I think Mads wanted to see if her sister was speaking the truth, because I had to go in and pull Mads off her.