Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hong Kong Out & About

Today (humid 84 degrees) we went to the flower market and the bird market - and then to Hong Kong Park. The girls loved the flower market; Chase wanted every bouquet. The bird market was interesting, but a bit sad, really. Loads of birds stuck in tiny cages. The Hong Kong park is large, with a walk-through aviary and a four-story playground. There were loads of steps to the playground, though, so by the time we got there we were so exhausted we only played for about 15-minutes. The girls were so sweaty they stuck to the slide and their little legs made that screechy sound that flesh makes with plastic.

Chase is learning so much each day - like how to use her Octopus (subway) card, and how to walk through a turn-stile without getting bonked on the back of her head. She is also getting quite good at trying new foods. Today we had Thai food for lunch and she said, "I love spring rolls. I want to have them every day."

As we managed to do the above in half a day, we will likely spend the next half grocery shopping and buying a couple new pillows (something a little strange about how puffy my eyes are after a night's sleep here).

Bird market...

Flower market...

Up, up, up to the playground...

Day Out In Hong Kong

Hubs and I decided to take Chase to the Hong Kong Museum of Science (by way of Star Ferry). It is a fabulous place for children. Chase adored the boat trip over. We only saw one floor (the museum is huge!) - by the end we were exhausted and ready to find some lunch. Highlights included a bed of nails (Hubs tried it), a house of mirrors, a child-powered hamster wheel, a bubble maker (they make bubbles inside a tube with colored soapy water). We will definitely go back.